café rio creamy tomatillo dressing – paleo style

café rio creamy tomatillo dressing – paleo style

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café rio creamy tomatillo dressing – paleo style

We started enjoying the amazing food of Café Rio back in the day when there was only 2 in the entire state of Utah, let alone anywhere else in the US!! I think they are now in 11 states, with multiple locations in each state, they have come a long way!! Café Rio opened their first restaurant down in lovely St. George, Utah and their second location was right here in Provo! This was back in like 1999…ya, nearly 17 years ago. We ate there…a lot!!! Enjoying many of their tasty menu items. Their tamales on Thursdays…oh my! Probably the biggest thing that I miss eating there hands down! Luckily since heading down the Paleo road 2 years ago

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