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The truth of it is, our lives have been full of healing miracles involving real food and real things that were put on this earth to keep us healthy and happy along our mortal journey. Join us as we continue to pursue the path our sweet angel momma and grandmomma put us on so many years ago. She’s there in the black and white picture to the left. Her name: DeVona is all anyone needed to hear and know about her. She had a health radio show for nearly 25 years. Always on the cutting edge! She’ll be tagging along in spirit, as she was abruptly taken from her earthly journey, on nearly the last second of 2012 on December 31st. Fireworks blasting as she made her entrance to Heaven. It was only fitting, her presence was that significant here on earth and could only be heralded the same upon her exit. She’ll be guiding Makenna and I, reaching out to us from her Heavenly home, as she does so very often. We’re all about our family, our faith, healing foods and finding happiness in each day that we’re blgma1-2essed with.  ~Michelle

If you’re interested in knowing why our journey took us down the Paleo road back in 2014 – it’s a beginning like so many that take their health into their own hands! Makenna being the motivating reason. Click on the “makenna’s story” tab up top or click here to read all about it!

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary of Paleo life and clean living in a special way on January 1st  of 2016…so we wanted to pay it forward! We have found such an amazing community of support in this Paleo world, that we just felt the need to help out someone else that might be seeking a different way to feel better. You can click on the “2 years later 💕” tab up top or click here to read about it!

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  1. hello, do you know if an egg replacer like flax egg would work for the mini churro donuts? thanks so much!

    1. Good Morning Jill! We have tried the egg/flax replacement in our pie crust recipe and it worked very well, but haven’t tried it in the mini donut recipe…so can’t say for sure that it would work, but would be worth a try! Thanks for reaching out and asking 🙂

  2. Hi! My question is about your Apple persimmon pie. If I bake it a day ahead, will it still be good? And do I store it in the fridge and reheat it in the oven? Thanks!

    1. Hello Aprille! Yes…by all means make that pie the day before…so nice to have one less menu item to worry about for the big day!!! We actually prefer it better the next day! We do store ours in the fridge and then reheat! Thanks for reaching out and enjoy!! ~Michelle

    1. Hello Suzy! Thanks for asking about this recipe and so sorry it gave you some trouble! I’ve found that when I’m rolling out the long strands for the pretzels it helps to apply some slight pressure evenly back and forth a bit as the strand gets longer. I’ve found this helps to hold them together…hopefully that makes sense. I really must get a video made showing how I do this – hope you try them again and I’m so glad the bites turned out tasty regardless 🙂

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