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coconut lime chia seed breakfast parfait

The sun is finally warming things up here so it seems much of my mind turns to all things tropical! Even though we are far from a tropical location living in the heart of northern Utah, my soul longs to be on warm beach most of the time!! Go grab […]

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tomatillo salsa

We LOVE salsa! Red, green, hot, mild, zesty, chunky, smooth…all sorts!!! So many different types to enjoy! We dip in it with our home fried plantain chips, pour it all over tacos, tostones, taco salads, eggs…yep, you get the idea! We enjoy it on LOTS of things. A friend of […]


mini raspberry heart pies

mini raspberry heart pies It’s close to Valentines Day! So out come all the heart shaped everything…and chocolate! So, I wanted to blend both of those things and add some raspberry yumminess to the mix! Click here to continue reading!


Makenna’s story

If you’ve ever wondered about the health journey we’ve been on at our home the last couple of years…and even earlier actually…take a few minutes and enjoy. Makenna shares her health issues that began over 10 years ago in the 5th grade, how she battled that and then follows it up with what the […]


Crio Brü slushy

Crio Brü slushy We came up with this recipe for a couple reasons (one because it’s chocolate!), but mostly because while we’re doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox (info here) enjoying a warm cup of Crio Brü isn’t possible. OK, one could technically drink it on the detox, however without a splash of […]


green apple pecan galette

  green apple pecan galette filling I watch Food Network or Cooking Channel a lot…like if you showed up at my home one of those channels would most likely be on! I rarely sit and watch any show, the TV is just typically on while I’m doing other things in […]


sunbutter pecan fat bombs

sunbutter pecan fat bombs I made some toasted sunbutter the other day, oh ya, homemade is best by far! It takes time and a hearty food processor or one of those amazing blenders, but the results are creamy deliciousness! It’s my new favorite nut butter, although…I haven’t tried making macadamia […]