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salted caramel pear pie

Time for SALTED CARAMEL PEAR PIE as we roll into pie making season over here! Tender pears baked in caramel, yep! It’s paleo pie heaven!

salted caramel pear pie

To be honest, this recipe seemed like it wanted to happen. It’s not even a family remake of a recipe we’ve been enjoying for years…it’s just one that sounded good to me and that I wanted to enjoy for Thanksgiving this year. It’s not often I venture down the “create […]

peach blueberry cobbler

When summer peaches arrive, making this Paleo peach cobbler is a must. Delightful sweet filling with a tasty cassava flour biscuity topping! So good and one you will enjoy over and over at the end of summer.

chocolate filled pie tart

Trying out something new here! We’d hoped this post would have been a wonderful Valentine’s Day post for everyone, but as it turns out…a bout of the stomach flu paid a visit last week instead and the post didn’t get done. Soooooo, I did an Instagram Story yesterday while making […]

~paleo pie

We decided that between the pie crust variations and the different pie types we had planned to add this season, that the beloved pie probably needed it’s very own page on our little blog. The top three pictures are obviously pie crust recipes: our original crust, then and egg-free version […]

“de-constructed” dutch apple pie

You could really add any pie name after the “de-constructed” title here – because you could literally bake any pie in little ramekins (pecan, berry, rhubarb, apple etc) or a filled pie (lemon, chocolate, banana cream etc) into the ramekins and then use the pie crust cookies to scoop away! […]