smokey chipotle spice mix

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This is a spice blend I came up with many years ago while trying to create a marinade/rub for meats we wanted to grill and then use on top of salads.

We use it as a dry rub on steaks, pork, chicken and even on shrimp but also use it as a marinade mixed with oil and some kind of vinegar or citrus juice. If we use it as a marinade we’ve found that we like to let the meat sit in it overnight…just gives it the deepest flavor!! If you use it on shrimp, it really only needs to be tossed around and then left alone for about 20 minutes.

It’s the base I use on many of my recipes and gives that Mexican kick of subtle heat and smokey flavor. I’ll refer to it on several of the recipes to be posted in the coming months. Super easy to put together and I make it in bulk…often!!!

Since going Paleo, I’ve decided to look into using better options for the Montreal Steak Seasoning and chili powder…but for now, I’m going to use what I already have and go from there! Baby steps as they say! I do get my bulk spices from San Francisco Herb Company (click here to visit their site) and have used their ground cumin and chipotle chili powder for years…and will be trying their regular chili powder soon.


Ingredients2015-11-30 15.04.02
1 c McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning
1 c Chili Powder
1 c Ground Cumin
¼ c Chipotle Chili Powder


  • I toss all ingredients in an old plastic container I have used for years and shake it all around til it’s evenly mixed. If you want it more smokey (and hot) add more chipotle (chipotle peppers are smoked jalepaño peppers, so they can be warm) or leave it out all together! I’ve been trying to make the move to storing my spices in glass jars, so once its mixed about really well, I move to a large mason jar!
  • If you want to make a smaller amount, just use the ratio of equal parts of the first 3 ingredients and about a quarter of that measurement for the chipotle. For example: if you decide to cut it in half, use ½ c of each of the first 3 ingredients and 1/8 of the chipotle…and so on. I guarantee though, you’ll want to keep it on hand…so seriously just make a bunch!!!


2015-11-30 15.08.00
Pretty close to equal parts of these main ingredients, don’t let the shape of the bowl fool ya, it’s a cup of each!
2015-11-30 15.09.27
Chipotle chili powder up on top, it’s smokey delicious!
2015-11-30 15.17.51
It’s a great shaker!




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    So I just went to the spice website, and there are so many chili powders to choose! Different heats of cayenne, plus pasilla, plus new mexico!!!! Which one do you usually use for this???? And do you just get the steak seasoning from the grocery store???? Thanks, I’m anxious to try this!

    • Hey Gina! We use ground chipotle chili powder in our mix & we get it from San Francisco Herb Co. on line! It’s amazing!! The Montreal steak seasoning we just grab at Costco ~ it has a few “questionable” I ingredients ~ but I’ve yet to find an organic blend to use in place of it…so for now, we get it there!! Thanks for asking…hope your family is doing well 💕💕

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