lemon meringue pie

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lemon meringue pie

Here’s the deal with Lemon Meringue Pie…it’s probably our favorite overall! At least as a collective family that is, we all each have our favorite kind, but ALL of us love this one! It’s a classic and we often will have it for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving and then the day after that and then the day after that…you get the picture! We eat it until there’s isn’t any left to have, so we always make several of these pie for Thanksgiving!!

Since jumping to the Paleo life a couple years ago, we’ve totally fallen in love with the Lemon Curd from Danielle Walkers first amazing book “Against All Grain” (get it here!) and that has been our go to lemon curd for years. I just haven’t felt the need to tweek it at all. Although for use with this pie I do add an additional egg yolk for firmness…but other than that, it’s a winner.

Now, Lemon Meringue Pie is not just about the lemon…it’s also about the mound of meringue that needs to be on top…it’s like a fluffy cloud of melt in your mouth happiness!! I have found several recipes that I enjoy using, some are the baked variety and some aren’t. Danielle Walker has a wonderful unbaked variety on her site (click here for that recipe) and Jenni Hulet from has a wonderful baked variety in her book “My Paleo Patisserie” (get it here!) It’s an Italian Meringue and is outta this world delicious!!!!! We make it often!!!

So basically, for now anyways…this is how our Paleo version of Lemon Meringue Pie works out for us. I use my pie crust recipe (find that recipe here!) and fill with a couple of recipes from our most favorite bloggers, who are amazing ladies and know their way around the Paleo world!


  • Prepare pie crust and bake as directed
  • Make lemon curd of choice, ours by Danielle Walker I mentioned above but there are plenty of choices on the ol’ bloggosphere to choose from that are free for folks to use, like this one from Primal Palate (lemon curd)
  • Once lemon curd is prepared, pour into baked pie crust and chill til firm, depending on the recipe, this could be anywhere from 2-4 hours
  • After curd is firm, prepare your favorite meringue recipe. Here’s a non baked version from Danielle Walker that is yummy (click here for recipe) and mound (or fill pipping bag and pipe) on top of the curd being sure to have it touch the entire edge of the pie crust. This will give it something to adhere to.
  • Next step…browning the top for that classic look! Use a kitchen torch or like we used to do back in the day, use the broiler in your oven with the pie set a good 6-8″ away from the flame and keep an eye on it…it can go from brown to totally burnt in seconds!!!!

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