swirling cinnamon ice cream…for Mom

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The story behind this yummy creation is right here: “mom’s love of cinnamon”

  • swirling cinnamon ice cream for Mom

    • Servings: 8-10
    • Difficulty: moderate
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    smooth cinnamon paleo ice cream


    Credit: backporchpaleo.com


    • 1 recipe vanilla ice cream from “My Paleo Patisserie” by Jenni Hulet buy here or your favorite paleo vanilla ice cream
    • 1 recipe Cassava Flour Tortillas from The Urban Poser by Jenni Hulet
    • 12 drops doTERRA Cassia essential oil
    • Optional for tortilla bowls: a bit of honey, coconut sugar and cinnamon
    • Sweet cinnamon/coconut sugar plantain strip garnish – optional
    • Cinnamon Swirl: 6 T ~ organic maple syrup, 4 T ~ grass fed butter, 2 t ~ cinnamon, 2 T ~ full fat coconut milk, 4 drops ~ doTERRA Cassia essential oil ➔ directions for this are step #2.


    1. Make ice cream recipe as directed, omitting vanilla & adding doTERRA Cassia oil instead. I typically make this the day ahead so it can sit overnight in the fridge and get completely cold.
    2. Once ice cream base is done and cooling in fridge, make the cinnamon swirl. Combine all ingredients together in small saucepan and warm till combined and a bit bubbly. Set aside to cool. Tip: if you put this in the fridge to cool, the butter can become solid and rise to the top and create a hard film, if so ~ just warm up slightly. You’ll use part of this to swirl through the ice cream once it’s frozen, plus you’ll have extra for drizzling on top after.
    3. Freeze ice cream according to manufacturers instructions. Once frozen, scoop out about half into a bowl and drizzle about 2 T cinnamon swirl on top back and forth. Scoop the rest of the ice cream on top of that then drizzle a couple more T of cinnamon swirl. (reserve some of the drizzle for plating the final show!) Take a butter knife and run/fold cinnamon swirl drizzle into ribbons throughout the ice cream. Ta dah! Place in freezer safe container to firm up so you can scoop it out into fun sizes and see all the lovely swirls!
    4. For tortilla bowls: Make up recipe as directed by Jenni…super easy! (Tip: USE ONLY cassava flour by: Otto’s Cassava Flour ~ they will not be anything close to good enough if you don’t. Trust me, I tried other cassava flour substitutions..don’t waste your time, cause it is a waste of time to try anything else!) While tortillas are warm, set down into the forms, brush with a bit of coconut oil, drizzle a touch of honey and sprinkle with some coconut sugar and cinnamon and bake in a 400° oven until browned and firm, approximately 10-12 minutes. Keep an eye on em’ – they can go from not done to burnt real fast! Remove from oven and let cool.
    5. Assemble the happiness! We drizzled some of the reserved cinnamon swirl on the plate so the tortilla bowl didn’t slide all over the place, you’d hate to get it all done and then hand it to your guest and have it slide right off into their lap! Sadness!! Scoop the ice cream, plop into the tortilla bowl and drizzle more cinnamon swirl if ya want (psst…you do want) grab a spoon and dig in. Well, serve your guests first, tell them to dig in and then make yourself one. That way you can all dig in and enjoy together! If you’ve made the sweet plantain strips…lucky you! Puts it over the top on the deliciousness street in Flavor Town! Ya, totally quoting Guy Fieri there. ENJOY!!

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