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You’re in the right place!

We’re joining Ellen DeGeneres this month and want to spark kindness all over the place! If you or someone you know is giving back or sparking kindness in a community, share the story here.

Leave us a comment with your #SparkKindness story and you’ll be entered to win an autographed, spiral bound copy of our ebook Paleo Olé, along with a couple other prizes at the end of May! You should also follow this link to EllenTube and share your story there. We’ll post our favs over there as well. Let’s have a great May everyone & spark kindness as much as we can!


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8 thoughts on “#SparkKindness”

  1. I’d love to make you aware of a phenomenal young lady by the name of Ariana Berardi who is 19 years old and has been remarkably helping out and working with several autistic children and is perusing her passion and is currently attending Champlain College in the SCC program. On her spare time she organizes several fundraisers and has already raised over $25,000 for Autism Canada under Shades of Blue in just under 6 months. She selflessly helps and strives to give back to whom even crosses her path. Would be awesome for her to get recognition for her hard work and dedication. This world definitely needs more ambitious and heart full people like her.


    1. Hi there Claudia, thanks so very much for submitting this story about Ariana. What wonderful young lady! She is certainly sparking LOTS of kindness! You should definitely head over to the EllenTube site and post about this story there as well. ~Michelle


      1. Thank you for your reply, I’m really not that tech savvy, and don’t know where to go to post it. Your help would greatly be appreciated.

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      2. Hey Claudia, if you click on the link on this page that says “joining Ellen DeGeneres” you’ll be taken right to her page where you can scroll down and submit our story. Have a great weekend! ~Michelle


      3. Bless you, and thanks for your help… She truly does deserve recognition for all her efforts! She’s already working on her next gala for next year.


  2. My friend, Heidi Neal, from near Boston Massachusetts, GAVE me a VIP ticket to see Lauren Daigle in concert in Boston on March 9……..we are friends on Facebook, but HAD NEVER MET IN PERSON until I flew out there…..I’m from Champaign Illinois…….WHAT AN ACT OF KINDNESS!!!!


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