paleo pie crust mini class 2016


We’re so excited to host this fun mini class next month! Everyone will be able to learn to make our pie crust recipe, work with the dough and make some fun pie crust edges. We have 3 versions of our pie crust recipe now, so if you need an egg or dairy free pie crust for you guests this holiday season, we’ve got you all covered!

We want everyone to be able to get a crust all made, and ready to take home. If we have time we can even bake a couple up and we’ll of course have some snacks to nibble on while we’re learning! Paleo friendly and super tasty!!

The class is free, you’d just have to bring your own apron (cause cassava flour is poofy) rolling pin and a pie plate, preferably a glass one with a little lip on it, so that if you choose to do a decorative edge, it will have something to rest on! Then you can take the crust home and be all set!!

Send us a DM (@backporchpaleo) on Instagram if you have any specific questions.

We had such a great time at our pie crust class on Saturday!!!
Here’s a little slide show with a few pics from our day!!

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