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File Oct 19, 12 29 18 PMIf you’ve been following along our journey, you know that we use Redmond Real Salt in all of our recipes! In fact, I grew up not knowing that any other kind of salt existed…as my mom began using it way back in the day, so I naturally stocked my kitchen with it when I first got married and haven’t used anything else. As of today, that’s well over 30 years of Real Salt consumption!

With the age of social media, “tagging” on Instagram and blogging it was only a matter of time before I connected with the wonderful folks/family of Redmond Real Salt in person and it has been like meeting old friends…such a warm fuzzy! My mom had connected with the Redmond folks back in her radio show days and so it’s been more of a “re-connecting” experience for me in my mom’s memory.

Needless to say, when the invite came to actually tour the salt mines in Redmond, Utah…you’d better believe it was a day to look forward to. Located in Central Utah, it was just barely over an hour’s drive south to get there and very near my husbands family homestead in Annabella, Utah…so we’re pretty familiar with the area and felt like we were on a family road trip!!

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Since Makenna had just gotten home from her honeymoon and had to get back to work and school, Madison (son, brother and our hand model) got to enjoy the tour with me. It was a day that began with some unexpected and very enjoyable “dynamite shooting” with our tour guide Kyle (one of the grandson’s of the Bosshardt brothers who began the mine back in 1958), followed by a tasty lunch and then we all loaded up into the “Special K” tour bus and drove down, down, down into the salt mine! Like over 400 feet down. Words and pictures can hardly do it justice…it’s really just crazy how much salt there is down there and how much effort goes into mining the best salt on earth. Kyle spent all the time we needed answering our questions and posing for pictures (this is what happens when you have a handful of bloggers on tour, sooo many pictures) and we all enjoyed every minute of it! It was actually so quiet and peaceful down in the mine…although when Kyle turned all the lights off and all our cell phones, it got very, very dark and he had to tease us about “mine monsters” ~ which we didn’t believe, but when it’s that dark, you’re just thrilled when the lights come back on and you only see the faces of the folks you drove in with. Did I mention it was on a Friday the 13th when we did this tour…haha, ya so the potential for pranks was a real thing! Oh also, an added and unexpected a bonus, we each got to take home a block of salt we picked out ourselves and also possibly licked!! Real Salt is just that good!!

File Oct 19, 1 11 36 PMMuch thanks to Chelsea, Julie and Paris for making sure our


experience was one to remember. It was a fabulous day filled with learning “everything about Real Salt”, friendship, great food, sharp shooting and connecting with some new blogger ladies! Please enjoy the pictures and videos below…it really was a great day!

Also, rather than repeat all the great information Redmond already has on their site about the facts, benefits and availability of Real Salt, I’m going to just provide some links for their web site. So much wonderful information!

History of the Salt Minemine-portal
See the Mine!
Educational Tips about Real Salt





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