about us

~ ~ 2019 ~ ~

We are Michelle & Makenna ~ a mother/daughter duo who, after Makenna was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis shortly after high school in 2013, took her health into our own hands. We chose this path after months of medical procedures and prescription meds that were NOT helping. In the end, we were successful using real food and lotsa love with a passion to make sure the healing process was enjoyable and tasty. On January 1, 2014 we began this journey for Makenna. Our blog & IG were born in early 2015 so we could share our recipes and passion for what we’ve learned and continue to learn along the way. Here we are several years into the journey, and we’re overwhelmed with the sense of community we’ve felt. We love the genuine friendships we’ve found, hearing all the “warm fuzzy” food stories from followers that are enjoying our recipes and our overall family vibe. We couldn’t ever have imagined her feeling so horrible would lead us to where we are now. We are honored to be here and to be involved in your journey as well.

From Makenna: If there’s one thing I didn’t anticipate years ago, it’s how in tune I’ve become with my body and what it does and does not need. It’s so empowering to understand why I feel the way I do from day to day, or even month to month. To know what my body needs and to be able to know that the solution is to do something or to eat something has given me, not only physical strength, but a mental strength to know that I can truly help myself. I can hardly imagine now how I lived before when I just didn’t feel good and I didn’t know why, but also didn’t even think to make changes due to how I was feeling. Knowledge truly is power over so many things in my life, and I’m so thankful for everything I have learned and everything I will continue to learn!

From Michelle: What started out as a healing journey for Makenna with me being her “eating buddy” to help make it easier for her, has turned into a family affair. From myself with some adrenal fatigue/hormonal issues that hit me in late 2014…my hubby that joined us to “feel better” after living with UC himself since his mid twenties…to family members that don’t have a medical reason to join us but know they feel better eating real food…and even some friends that need someone to chat with about finding their way through a health crisis. It’s a torch I’m glad we were able to pick up from my Mom when she passed away suddenly in 2012. She was a champion for health and I feel like we’re making her proud. 💜

~ ~ 2014 ~ ~


The truth of it is, our lives have been full of healing miracles involving real food and real things that were put on this earth to keep us healthy and happy along our mortal journey. Join us as we continue to pursue the path our sweet angel momma and grandmomma put us on so many years ago. She’s there in the black and white picture to the left. Her name: DeVona is all anyone needed to hear and know about her. She had a health radio show for nearly 25 years. Always on the cutting edge! She’ll be tagging along in spirit, as she was abruptly taken from her earthly journey, on nearly the last second of 2012 on December 31st. Fireworks blasting as she made her entrance to Heaven. It was only fitting, as her presence was that significant here on earth and could only be heralded the same upon her exit. She’ll be guiding Makenna and I, reaching out to us from her Heavenly home, as she does so very often. We’re all about our family, our faith, healing foods and finding happiness in each day that we’re blessed with.  ~Michelle


If you’re interested in knowing why our journey took us down the Paleo road back in 2014 – it’s a beginning like so many that take their health into their own hands! Makenna being the motivating reason. Click on the “makenna’s story” tab up top or click here to read all about it!