peach galette


When our local orchard happen to have the Lemon Elberta variety of peaches available last week I knew I had to make a peach galette with them. Theyโ€™re one of our favorite peaches from this orchard and have a mild … Continue reading

peach honey glaze

File Aug 11, 2 21 07 PM

Fresh peach pieโ€ฆyum, even just typing that brings a smile to my face. Thereโ€™s just something about peachesโ€ฆthe warm, golden colors hiding insideโ€ฆthe flavor that is just naturally a taste bud explosion (is there such a thing as a โ€œfruit… … Continue reading

paleo fudgsicles

File Aug 02, 12 00 02 PM

Not too much explanation needed hereโ€ฆitโ€™s hot, we love chocolate and why NOT make fudgsicles we can enjoy this summer! Haha, we make our own chocolate almond milk and it seemed like such a simple task to turn this into … Continue reading

spicy ahi tuna poke

2016-07-28 19.55.14

Our first exposure to poke was last Spring while we were on an anniversary trip to Maui at the local Costco? Whaaaaa? Whoโ€™s been to a Costco while theyโ€™ve been on vacation there? A few things are similar to ourโ€™s … Continue reading