green apple slushy

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green apple slushy

I came up with this recipe while I was guest posting on the 21DSD Instagram account for their December 2015 group. As my final post to their followers, I wanted to come up with something to kind of applaud their efforts and cheer them on for their final week. So I came up with this fizzy drink using the “Tart & Creamy Applesauce” recipe from the 21DSD guidebook. (click here for info)

I know that when I do the 21DSD, (click here for info) it’s all about the green apples for me, so this is such a fizzy “not-sweet treat” that can really hit the spot when you feel like just maybe you want to enjoy something a bit special.

Super easy! As always, please enjoy!

1 recipe “tart & creamy applesauce” (21DSD guidebook – pg. 194)
1 can/bottle of sparkling water, well chilled

Once applesauce is cooled slightly, pour into ice cube sized silicon molds and freeze.
When your ready for the apple slushiness, pop a few cubes out into a glass, grab some chilled sparkling water & pour.
Give that fizzy water just a little time to work its magic, grab a spoon & straw…ENJOY

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