cassava flour paleo tortillas


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This is an adaption from the tortillas I’ve made for nearly a year from @theurbanposer! This was the first and only Otto’s cassava flour tortilla recipe ever used in this home. They were a hit from the very first batch! Praise Jenni for creating this recipe! I’ve tagged her so many times, she probably rolls her eyes every time she sees “backporchpaleo” pop up on Instagram!

We make and enjoy them often! Her recipe uses flax seed powder in it and we had always made them this way. That was until we were making a batch for a meal to take into a family in our congregation that had lots of food allergies and since I wasn’t sure if they could have flax seeds, I left it out of the recipe and crossed my fingers that it would still work out ok. Hard to believe, but we enjoyed them even more than we did before! Crazy…I know!

So what you have here is an adaption of Jenni’s recipe ~ can not and will not take credit for it, it’s simply her recipe without the ground flax seeds and only ½ cup of water instead of the additional 2 tablespoons. We always, always use coconut oil as our fat of choice. We have used butter before, but prefer the texture that coconut oil gives us, plus it’s then completely dairy free.

So grab that bag of Otto’s cassava flour and mix up a batch of these amazing tortillas, you’ll have to wonder how you ever lived without them in your paleo life!

cassava flour paleo tortillas

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: easy
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seriously, the best cassava flour tortillas...EVER!




  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the cassava flour, arrowroot flour and salt.
  2. Add coconut oil to dry ingredients and work in with your hands until all coconut oil is combined and mixture resembles a crumb mixture.
  3. Pour warm water into the crumb mixture and using a wooden spoon, mix till well combined and you have a dough ball, which should be firm enough to pick up and work together a bit with your hands into a round ball.
  4. Divide into 4-8 portions (when we want to eat tacos, we make 8, they are actually a perfect size for tacos…if you make fewer portions, they will be obviously be larger and can be used to roll enchiladas or filled burrito) Once you decide on the portions, roll into balls and return dough to bowl and cover with plastic.
  5. Take one portion of dough and work in your hands, slightly kneading to make it a smooth dough ball.
  6. We use a tortilla press to make ours, however you can certainly roll them out as well. Which ever method you use, place dough ball between two pieces of parchment.
  7. We cook ours on a cast iron tortilla griddle, but you can also use a cast iron pan or your favorite skillet. Cook on one side until bubbles start to puff up, flip over and do the same for the other side.
  8. Remove from skillet and repeat with remaining dough balls. Be careful as you stack them coming off the heat, don’t place them one on top of the other, they will stick together like glue as the cool off! We like to stagger them when we take them off the heat, that way we can carefully pull them apart when we’re ready to use them!
  9. If you don’t eat all of them (which occasionally happens) we like to store ours in the fridge. We wait til they are all cooled so that when we stack them for storage in a bag, we don’t have a clump of tortillas that won’t come apart…which is so sad.
  10. Never fear, if this happens…place the whole clump back on the tortilla griddle and warm each layer up just a bit and they should come apart. Just pull them apart slowly 😉

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