herb tea gummies

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herb tea gummies

We make gummies to have every morning so we can get some great gelatin in our bodies. Typically we make them with some blueberries, however when we are doing the 21DSD – blueberries don’t work. For info on that great program click here .

So, since I enjoy herb tea so much while we’re doing the detox, I thought I might as well make some gummies with it…it worked beautifully! There is a Kombucha gummie recipe in the 21DSD guidebook (click here for info) that has a variation for herb tea…haha, never saw it till I’d come up with my own recipe! Aw well, it was good for my mind to come up with a solution to the dilemma…the more you flex any muscle the better! Brain included!

I used my favorite blend of herb tea (this is our favorite variety), but certainly feel free to use whatever kind suits your tastebuds! The Good Hope Vanilla we prefer from Republic of Tea™ is a Red Rooibos variety that is naturally caffeine free and has a hint of sweetness!

18 oz water…filtered, bottled…you pick!
6 tea bags (link for purchase)
5 T powdered gelatin (we use this brand)
4 T coconut water


  • You’ll need 18 oz of double strength brewed herb tea, follow manufacturers’s instructions for what brand you are using. For the Republic of Tea variety we use, it’s 6 bags to 18 oz of water.
  • While tea is brewing, pour coconut water over the gelatin so it can soften.
  • Once tea is steeped, remove tea bags and add softened gelatin to the warm liquid.
    You can use a whisk to combine but I find it’s easier to use my immersion blender to get the gelatin completely incorporated. Either way, just make sure all gelatin lumps are dissolved. The immersion blender will cause lots of foam, most of which will disappear…but if not, foam happens…no worries!
  • Pour into a glass dish, I use one that is around 7″x 11″ – size isn’t critical! A dish that is 8″x 8″ would work fine too, you’ll probably just have thicker gummies!
  • I like to let the dish set up for a bit on the kitchen counter so it’s a bit firm before I put it in the fridge, otherwise…it tends to slosh around and I’ve spilt some on the way to the fridge! Needless wasting of precious gelatin!!!
  • Once it’s set up, cut up into whatever size gummies you like, place in either zip lock bags or small containers and store in the refrigerator!
  • Enjoy some every day!

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