s.o.s. ~ cream tuna on toast

Not going to go into what the s.o.s. stands for, but please feel free to google this ~ “navy sos recipe” and you know exactly what this acronym stands for. My mom didn’t use the acronym! Being the daughter of a retired salty sailor, she literally called it what it was! I grew up loving… Continue reading s.o.s. ~ cream tuna on toast


funeral potatoes

This recipes is a blending of two of our favorite potato dishes: scalloped potatoes & funeral potatoes…yes, funeral potatoes are a real thing. If you Google it, there are many, many variations. Head this way for all the dairy free goodness!

ice cream sandwiches

It's June, so it’s Father’s Day soon and then next month is Mr. BackPorchPaleo’s birthday…so each year we think of creative ways to remake some classic treats for him that involve ice cream! It’s one of his favorites things EVER! Click on over for the summer fun!