Memorial Day

cassava flour banana chocolate chip muffins

Banana. Chocolate. Chip. Muffin! To date, one of the BEST paleo & gluten free muffins you will ever enjoy! Made with cassava flour, paleo baking perfection!

grilled cassava flour pizza crust

Our love affair with grilling pizza in the summer began years ago! Like, so long ago I’m not sure when it actually was…at least 15 years or so. The recipe that had been used for so long came from a magazine (no recollection of which one) that featured a pizza […]

paleo fudgsicles

Not too much explanation needed here…it’s hot, we love chocolate and why NOT make fudgsicles we can enjoy this summer! Haha, we make our own chocolate almond milk and it seemed like such a simple task to turn this into a perfect summer treat. Without too much… click here to […]

paleo ice cream drumsticks!

For the very special birthday we’re having here tomorrow…we made a favorite summer treat that remains tummy friendly, super delicious and so reminiscent of those days we all used to have, running after the ice cream truck and hoping they had some… Click here to chase down the new ice […]

mango lime spritzer

Don’t let the name fool you…this is not officially considered a “spritzer” in the real terms of what society probably thinks. It does not contain any wine…we are not drinkers, so we’re not gonna pretend that this is an official “drink” so to speak. It is, however, a… Click here […]