yeast free paleo pretzel dogs


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So when the darling little friend, that was the inspiration behind our “yeast free paleo pretzels” last Fall, wondered if there was anyway to make the pretzels into a hot dog bun…the ol’ wheels started turning. They wanted to be able to attend some baseball games as a family and enjoy having hot dogs like everyone else at the game…because, families, hot dogs and baseball simply go together…along with LOTS of mustard!!

We are HUGE baseball fans, and with MLB (go BoSOX!) baseball season right around the corner, it was my goal to somehow make this work!! This little girls face…oh my, so adorable! I remembered last year when “The New Yiddish Kitchen” (grab your copy here!) came out by the lovely ladies, Simone Miller and Jen Robins…I made their bagel dogs from that book several times and really loved them. Sooooo, why not pretzel dogs!!!! Tada…problem solved! I woke up last week after dreaming about them, so boom….yeast free pretzel dogs were born!!

The trickiest part is probably getting them dunked in the soda water bath and off the spatula…don’t dunk them too long, they will become very smooshy and will then be extremely hard to get onto the baking sheet. If you wanted to cut the hot dogs in half and create 16 dough balls, you could easily do them smaller and they’d be easier to maneuver ~~ either way, they will bake up and taste great!

They’re REALLY hot when they come out of the oven…so wait patiently, get the mustard ready to go and a grab a few napkins (or a lot, depending on how messy you’re gonna be) and gather a few friends…they are best when eaten soon after they’re baked and with lots of mouths to enjoy the amazingness!

Grab your bag of Otto’s cassava flour and your Redmond Kosher salt…ready, set….Pretzel On!!

yeast free paleo pretzel dogs

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: easy
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all your paleo and pretzel hot dog dreams coming true right here




  1. Make sure hot dogs are completely dry, use a paper towel to dry them and then set aside.
  2. Follow steps 1-5 from the pretzel recipe.
  3. Take 1 ball and roll into a long snake like log approximately 18″ long. This length could vary depending on the size of the hot dogs you are using. Different brands are wider and some are longer.
  4. Starting at one end of the dough, take one hot dog and starting at one end of the hot dog, begin rolling it up in the dough until you’re at the end of the dough as well as the end of the hot dog…basically in a spiral shape, no need to overlap as you wrap the hot dog up in it. Set on prepared baking sheet and repeat with remaining dough balls. (see pics below) If you find that the dough dries out a bit by the time you get to the last few, simply add in a bit more coconut buttermilk and work it into the dough…you should be all good to continue rolling them out after that.
  5. If water is boiling, turn heat off and remove from heat or turn gas off underneath…carefully place one pretzel dog at a time on a long flat spatula and dunk it in the soda water for 8-10 seconds. Remove from water with spatula and then grab one end of the hot dog and carefully remove from spatula to baking sheet…repeat with remaining pretzel dogs.
  6. After all of them are dunked, use a pastry brush and give all of them a good egg wash, and sprinkle liberally with kosher salt and/or sesame seeds if using.
  7. Bake for 13-15 minutes, let cool slightly before eating, they are VERY hot inside. After you bake them up, if the egg wash has created a little edge around the pretzels you can simply use a sharp knife to trim it off or use kitchen shears.

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