paleo pizzelles aka: waffles cones for drumsticks!

our new PALEO WAFFLES CONES are amazing!

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We try to make birthdays a special occasion here! We always start with a traditional “birthday breakfast” of their choice. This varies depending on the family member, but typically involved using some maple syrup, butter and fruit! Since we eat paleo now, treats for the birthday gal or guy has taken us to some new creative heights as we try to recreate warm fuzzy memories. We want to keep it tummy friendly and still provide that something special kinda moment for them.

Be sure to also give our new PALEO WAFFLE CONE recipe a try as well!


This year is no different! I’ve wanted to make waffle cones so I could recreate a “drumstick” ice cream for a couple years now. This man of mine, loves ice cream…period! All kinds! With cake, with fruit, with chocolate…yep, all kinds all sorts of ways. His birthday is in the summer so I thought it’d be fun to try and get this hand held summer favorite ice cream treat made…and I’m quite sure it will be a huge success!

Started with Otto’s cassava flour and the rest was easy. Well, OK…I finally had to get the pizzelle maker to complete the project. I got this one: and used these cream horn molds to make our cones.  As is typical with this guy, for his birthday I usually seem to get a new kitchen gadget! Like last year, his birthday fell on Amazon’s “Prime Day” and we were on a road trip to southern Utah for some hiking when I saw a tweet that the Instant Pot was on sale for a killer price. So this man of mine, pulled over where we had service and insisted I get it…on his birthday! Adorable! This year it was a pizzelle iron…however it had to come before his birthday so I could get this recipe created before the big day.

Create I did and it’s amazing!!! We couldn’t be happier with it and hope that you find all sorts of things to do with it! We made little bowls by placing the hot pizzelle over the bottom of a little bowl and then placed another bowl over the top. Once cooled, we painted them with chocolate. If that’s not the best bowl for some ice cream…wowser! We folded them over some bamboo skewers while they were hot and tadah…we have waffle taco shells for choco tacos! Or simply leave them flat and they are great little cookies.

paleo waffle cones/pizelles

  • Servings: 24-30 pizelles
  • Difficulty: easy
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– 1½ c Otto’s Cassava Flour
– 2 t baking powder
– pinch of Redmond Real Salt
– 3 eggs, room temperature (*can sub a gelatin egg, but see details below)
– ¾ c maple syrup
– ½ c grass-fed butter**, melted
– 1 T vanilla


    1. In a medium bowl, whisk cassava flour and baking powder together, set aside.
    2. In another bowl, add eggs and maple syrup and mix with an electric mixer until well combined.
    3. Add melted butter and vanilla to egg/syrup mixture a continue mixing til all ingredients are well combined.
    4. Pour this mixture into the dry ingredients and using mixer, slowly combine all ingredients. The batter will thicken up a bit as it sits.
    5. Pre-heat pizzelle iron according to manufacturer’s directions and begin making pizzelle’s.
    6. Makes approximately 24-30 pizzelles, but depending on how many you eat while you’re making them…quantities may be less!
  • Pizzelle tips:
    • Start with using 1 T of batter in your iron, this amount will vary depending on the brand you use.
    • If making cones and your iron makes two pizzelle’s at a time, remove only one pizzelle and leave the other to stay warm while you roll the first one. These cool off fast and once cooled will not roll any longer…they become cookies at that point, very yummy ones!
    • We found that the chocolate variation was crisp faster than the vanilla. Either way, we found it best to let them dry overnight if they’re going to be filled. Depending on the humidity of your area this may vary.
    • If you’re making cones, either dip the bottoms in melted chocolate or fill the inside with some chocolate chips before scooping on the ice cream…this will keep the ice cream inside instead of running down your arm as it melts.
    •  Pizzelle maker we use:  CucinaPro and we use cream horn molds to make our cones instead of using the pizzelle roller. We just thought it was easier to use two of the cream horn molds to shape the cones. The wooden pizzelle roller makes a bit of a bigger cone, but you’d need two I think and the pizzelle doesn’t stay on the roller very well…so ya, we stuck with the cream horn molds instead.
    • Our pizzelle iron suggested brushing iron with oil before it’s first use each day you make pizzelle’s – we just used some coconut oil with a non melting brush!
    • Don’t fret too much about getting them perfect, we used a mini ice cream scoop and sometimes they worked out, sometime we had the pizzelle outside of the design, no matter, they still roll fine and taste the same!
    • *When using a gelatin egg, keep in mind that the batter will become thicker as it sits, so by the time you’re about a third of the way through the batter, you’ll basically be able to roll it into balls and place in the press. I’d probably suggest making a half batch instead of full batch. Also, we found that keeping the press well oiled helped the pizzelle’s release from the press…as this method lends a stickier texture but crisp up well.
    • **For dairy free version, use equal amounts of coconut oil…they seem to crisp up faster for us than the butter version…but this may vary depending on your pizzelle iron.
    • For chocolate version, omit the 1 T vanilla, add 3 T cocoa powder to dry ingredients and add an additional 3 T maple syrup.
    • You can also hang the pizzelle’s over a couple chopsticks so you have a “taco shell” shape – fill it with ice cream and you  have a paleo choco taco!! So many possibilities!

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