chocolate mayonnaise cake

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Alright now…don’t let the name of this throw you off! Mayonnaise in a cake? Here’s the deal, think about what’s in mayonnaise…and it actually makes perfect sense! This is a total throw back kinda recipe, which is totally in style now days…win-win! This one is mind blowingly delicious chocolate cake. It’s super moist, rich and you do not need much to get your taste buds and that Paleo sweet tooth pretty satisfied. Once it’s cool,

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2 thoughts on “chocolate mayonnaise cake”

  1. This looks amazing- thanks for sharing! Have you ever used this recipe to make cupcakes? And if so, do they come out moist? Also, what kind of frosting did you use, or do you recommend? I have been having a hard time finding a dairy and refined sugar free frosting that hits the spot.

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    1. Good Morning May! I haven’t made used this recipe to make cupcakes, but don’t think that would be a problem at all! It’s such a moist recipe I’m pretty confident they will turn out super moist, cook time would probably be a little less…just keep an eye on them! As far as frosting, I’m with ya there….so hard to find something that hits the spot. We just melted dairy free dark chocolate chips (we use the extra dark variety by Guittard) with some coconut oil mixed in to make it pour-able for the ice cream cake, but not sure why you couldn’t thin it with more coconut oil so once it cooled it was still soft. Let us know if you end up making this recipe, we’d love to hear back from you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and asking!


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