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tomatillo salsa

tomatillo salsa We LOVE salsa! Red, green, hot, mild, zesty, chunky, smooth…all sorts!!! So many different types to enjoy! We dip in it with our home fried plantain chips, pour it all over tacos, tostones, taco salads, eggs…yep, you get the idea! We enjoy it on LOTS of things. Click […]

spicy chicken avocado soup

spicy chicken avocado soup We have a love of most things that fall into the Mexican food category…and for some of our family that also means very spicy! We most certainly inherited that from my mom and Makenna’s grandma…possibly from being quite short & spunky? Spicy and spunky… Click here […]

the Devil’s sassy sister!

the Devil’s sassy sister! She’s tangy with a twist of lime & jalapeño! And yes, oh. So. yummy!!! I created this recipe years ago before we’d even heard of Paleo! I was trying to come up with a deviled egg that my husband would enjoy since he didn’t like the […]