low carb

instant pot cauliflower steak

An Instant Pot & Air Fryer dish that’s soon to be a classic – cauliflower steaks that are PALEO, WHOLE30, KETO & VEGAN. They come together so easily & are such a crowd pleaser!



A cleaned up Paleo version of the beloved Japanes seasoning, FURIKAKE! Real ingredients, no MSG or sugar. Perfect for adding UMAMI to any meal! Made with our favorite Redmond Real Salt & Seasnax seaweed.

“allegro” chicken

Our love for marinated grill meats just never gets old. A remake of one of our favorite bottled marinades ~ so happy with how it turned out. Coconut amino based with hints of citrus and a little warmth from paprika! Our version of the iconic “Allegro Marinade” with a paleo twist!

low carb street gorditas

Another offering for our friends who want to still enjoy a bit of authentic-esque Mexican food that are living the olโ€™ LOW CARB LIFE! Pork Panko making so many meals a possibility again!