seed cycling fat bombs – low carb style



Yes, we are still seed cycling over here and I’m coming up on month 7. I took April off just to see how my body reacted and it was not good! I found out very quickly that my hormones were once again being mischievous and quickly hopped back on the earliest New Moon on the calendar!

Since our post a few months ago, I got to thinking that a low carb version might be nice since there are many of our lady friends also living the low carb life. These are date free and sweetened with only a bit of lucuma (fruit based sweetener) along with some stevia glycerite. Both are optional, but I like the touch of sweetness they add.

The add in’s are optional as well, but I’m a texture gal and I like being able to have some crunch with my fat bombs. If you want to leave them out…you be you!

For more details as to why we ventured into the seed cycling party, check out our previous post here “Seed Cycling – Part 1“. We will have a “part 2” to this coming soon.

If you don’t have raw cacao powder, you can definitely sub cocoa powder or even carob if you need to go that route.

Cycle on friends!

seed cycling fat bombs - low carb style

  • Servings: 14-15
  • Difficulty: easy
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for those seed cycling ladies living the low carb life




  1. Place all fat bomb ingredients in a food processor and mix until well combined. Remove to a medium sized bowl, add stir ins and mix well. I like to use my hands at this point, seems to be easier than stirring with a spoon.
  2. Once all stir ins are combined, portion fat bombs into 14-15 servings* and place in fridge so they set up. These need to be stored in the fridge, since they soften up at room temperature.
  3. Enjoy one each day of your cycle.
  4. *I like to weigh out the entire batch on my kitchen scale, then divide that number by 14-15 and weigh out each serving and shape in a silicon mold. Not necessary, but I like knowing that each bomb is the same size.

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