dark chocolate penuche fudge cups

Just because…literally, not much more to say about these adorable and decadent penuche fudge filled cups, really…just because!!! Oh expect…please enjoy and make them, make them often and keep them on hand! Here’s where you click!

apple spice waffles

Waffles are my favorite…so it looks like we have another recipe inspired by what I wanted to enjoy, say what!!! I know, that makes two recipes in the last couple weeks!! Hahaha, sometimes I do look out for my own tastebuds!! Find your way here!!

Redmond Real Salt Mine Tour

If you’ve been following along our journey, you know that we use Redmond Real Salt in all of our recipes! In fact, I grew up not knowing that any other kind of salt existed…as my mom began using it way back in the day, so I naturally stocked my kitchen […]

cinnamon sugar donut holes

The donut fun continues over here…and these are just one variation we have in mind! We’ll be demo’ing this brand new donut hole recipe in the Otto’s Cassava Flour booth at the “Great Grain Free Fair” in Denver this weekend!! Click here for our post!!

watermelon basil salad

It’s been a summer of bridal showers and family get togethers this year – what better reason to come up with a yummy salad that is stunning to look at and amazing on the taste buds! Find your way to BBQ party royalty here!

s.o.s. ~ cream tuna on toast

Not going to go into what the s.o.s. stands for, but please feel free to google this ~ “navy sos recipe” and you know exactly what this acronym stands for. My mom didn’t use the acronym! Being the daughter of a retired salty sailor, she literally called it what it […]

funeral potatoes

This recipes is a blending of two of our favorite potato dishes: scalloped potatoes & funeral potatoes…yes, funeral potatoes are a real thing. If you Google it, there are many, many variations. Head this way for all the dairy free goodness!

island lime collagen colada smoothie

The new Premium Marine Collagen from Further Food had us all dreamy about getting more “beach” time into our lives and we instantly knew we had to come up with a smoothie that took us to the islands to help us live vicariously through our taste buds for a bit! Packed with […]

brûléed strawberry shortcake

For the birthday boy this year, he requested something with strawberries! Given that this scrumptious little red berry is his main love language (he has a few) it wasn’t a big surprise. Drew considers a big ol’ bowl of strawberries and a little dollop of whipped cream the perfect dessert […]