yeast free paleo pretzel dogs

So when the darling little friend, that was the inspiration behind our “yeast free paleo pretzels” last Fall, wondered if there was anyway to make the pretzels into a hot dog bun…the ol’ wheels started turning. They wanted to be able to attend some baseball games as a family and […]


cassava flour Irish Soda Bread

So I was standing in line at our local Sprouts Market a week or so ago and they were sampling their warm out of the oven Irish Soda Bread, you know…the gluten variety…ya so totally had to pass, but it was one of those moments when you’re feeling a bit […]


crio bru spice rub

We are not coffee drinkers, but instead are Crio Bru drinkers! Which is basically brewed in a French press similar to coffee but is actually cocoa beans…so yes indeed it’s brewed chocolate!! You can read the details about it on our “Crio Bru pie” post from last Fall ~ it’s pretty […]


paleo buttermilk syrup

As far as we know, buttermilk syrup is a Utah creation (just like fry sauce) with it’s origins beginning at a local restaurant called “Magleby’s” which closed years ago but has many smaller restaurants open around the state, which still serve this amazing elixir. Heralded by locals, visitors and the […]


strawberry blush donuts

When you have someone make a request for a certain flavor of donut, you certainly want to try and make that happen. These could easily be called “Sadie’s strawberry blush donuts” ~ but then we don’t want to make her blush! The request was a strawberry donut and although we opted […]


Annabella buttermilk pancakes

You know that breakfast you have when you travel to a long time family home…a home that was built by family members from generations back, and you just know it’s gonna be a food memory that stays warm and fuzzy for a very long time?! Well, these pancakes are that […]


yeast free paleo pretzels

This was a fun recipe to come up with for our #instafriend Ashley, who needed a yeast free pretzel recipe for her little girl to share with her pre-school class. She is on a restrictive diet and couldn’t have yeast, so we were thrilled to be asked to help and […]


gingerbread mini donuts

The last of our 2016 holiday flavored mini donuts is also a very classic flavor, whether it’s gingerbread, ginger snap, ginger ale, gingerbread houses or cookies…one sniff and you’re in the holiday spirit! Find your way to the gingerbread zestyness here  


chocolate peppermint mini donuts

We found some “mostly” clean and organic candy canes at our local Sprouts Market, so we wanted to showcase them in a couple holiday treats we have planned…one of them was this super tasty donut. Click here for minty holiday  happiness…