funeral potatoes

This recipes is a blending of two of our favorite potato dishes: scalloped potatoes & funeral potatoes…yes, funeral potatoes are a real thing. If you Google it, there are many, many variations. Head this way for all the dairy free goodness!  


island lime collagen colada smoothie

The new Premium Marine Collagen from Further Food had us all dreamy about getting more “beach” time into our lives and we instantly knew we had to come up with a smoothie that took us to the islands to help us live vicariously through our taste buds for a bit! Packed with […]


brûléed strawberry shortcake

For the birthday boy this year, he requested something with strawberries! Given that this scrumptious little red berry is his main love language (he has a few) it wasn’t a big surprise. Drew considers a big ol’ bowl of strawberries and a little dollop of whipped cream the perfect dessert […]


mini lemon poppy seed donuts

Our love affair with mini donuts continues! These are just as bright and lemony tasting as they sound! But before we get too far…disclaimer right here! The glaze is #notpaleo ~~ there, it’s out there. Here’s the reason why….  


sweet summer strawberry ice cream

As a follow up post to our Father’s Day ice cream sandwiches…we give you the other half of the treat! Because if you’re going to make your own ice cream sandwich cakes, you may as well fill them with something equally as wonderful…some homemade ice cream! Here’s where you CLICK […]


ice cream sandwiches

It’s June, so it’s Father’s Day soon and then next month is Mr. BackPorchPaleo’s birthday…so each year we think of creative ways to remake some classic treats for him that involve ice cream! It’s one of his favorites things EVER! Click on over for the summer fun!  


Paleo Olé ebook!

 Our new ebook is here & it’s Fiesta Time Amigos!! “family, tradition, journey and love” Main dishes, salsas, beverages, amazing homemade chips, guacamole and of course desserts! Mexican food remade with a paleo twist! Paleo Olé – bringing back so many Mexican food dishes & traditions to our lives…join us! Click […]


lemon bars

Turns out lemon bars are only really enjoyed by the women in our home? Seriously…had no idea till the tester batches were ready to taste and only had gals stepping into the kitchen…well, more for us! It’s clearly been a while since I’ve made these, but long enough that even […]


paleo teriyaki sauce!

With warmer weather on its way…we are looking forward to more grill time outside and enjoying family, food and laughter while that happens! The aroma’s that waft through our backyard and into the neighbors yards are unmistakable and conjure up so many memories! In fact, just last night while we […]


mint chocolate chip mini donuts

Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and let’s be honest, it’s just fun to make food green sometimes!hipped up these lovely, festive mini’s this morning to take to a farewell party for some neighbors that are moving…one guest is gluten free and one is dairy free…so these will be perfect! Used […]