All recipes are grain, gluten, bean, legume and mostly dairy free…we do our best to keep to the standard Paleo information. But what is great about the Paleo lifestyle is you just need to listen to your body and do what works for you. We can enjoy some occasional full fat dairy and ALWAYS grass-fed butter! We also on occasion enjoy some Basmati rice, our tummies can tolerate it…we listened to our bodies and that’s what we heard! #teamwhiterice all the way!

Have you listened to your body, it’ll thank you!!



mango lime spritzer

~main dish

grilled cassava flour pizza crust

chipotle lime flank steak

spicy ahi tuna poke


spicy chicken avocado soup

taco meat

poblano pork tenderloin

strawberry beet salad

chicken salad

herb crusted pork medallions

pasta/pizza sauce

~on the side

the devil’s sassy sister

Thai basil pesto

fried mashed potato pancakes

smokey spice mix

roasted poblano peppers

tomatillo salsa


peach honey glaze

mini chocolate turtle donuts

paleo fudgsicles

paleo ice cream drumsticks

coconut lime chia seed breakfast parfait

dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts

hazelnut nutella tart

swirling cinnamon ice cream

lemon meringue pie

mom’s pecan pie

paleo pie crust

mini raspberry heart pies

pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

fresh strawberry nutella pie

cream puffs

pastry cream

raspberry lemonade mousse

mini churro donuts

paleo turtle ice cream cake

chocolate chocolate chip muffins

chocolate mayonnaise cake

maple bacon donuts

vanilla bean mousse

~salad dressings/marinades

café rio creamy tomatillo dressing – paleo style

b.l.a.e. salad dressing

balsamic dressing/marinade

chicken salad dressing


coconut lime chia seed breakfast parfait

chocolate chia seed breakfast pudding

walnut dusted green apple chips

cocoa almond smoothie

green apple chia seed breakfast pudding

sunbutter pecan fat bombs

green apple pecan galette

green apple slushy

herb tea gummies

spicy chicken avocado soup