chocolate filled pie tart


Trying out something new here! We’d hoped this post would have been a wonderful Valentine’s Day post for everyone, but as it turns out…a bout of the stomach flu paid a visit last week instead and the post didn’t get done. Soooooo, I did an Instagram Story yesterday while making it instead and will simply post the video below.

All the instructions and details are in the video, (which, depending on your computer, could take a few minutes to load) so take a few minutes and watch, it’s certainly not a professional video…so lower those expectations and just enjoy the candor and real life stuff that happens and enjoy making this festive dessert if you get a chance to!

Here is the link to our pie crust recipe (double recipe) which you’ll need for this dessert! The vanilla ice cream to use it our Honey Custard Vanilla Ice Cream….it’s a delicious recipe! You’ll also need to melt about 1½ c dark chocolate chips with 2 tsp coconut oil over a double broiler to us for the filling as well as a drizzle after!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 💕


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