mini chocolate turtle donuts

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My love for this donut actually began way back in high school….way back in the 80’s when lunch was a six pack of those little chocolate coated donuts and a soda from the snack bar! Cause the snack bar was all the rage and new at our high school and everyone was “too cool” to actually buy food, so we all ate the garbage sold at the snack bar. Like, every day I ate this…and it was at that point that I also remember starting to suffer from headaches, shaky hands and dizzy spells. Well, hello Hypoglycemia…welcome to my life! And yet…I still continued to eat them, not really understanding the correlation between what I was putting in my mouth and what it did to my body!

Even later on, once I knew how horribly bad they were for me…I continued to grab them and even started buying them for my kids to eat. Such a portable little treat, and I found myself grabbing a package on most trips to the grocery store from then on. They keep those little displays with them all over the grocery store so you CAN”T miss them and are even at the check out lines….gah!!! I found I most often reached for them during times of stress or emotional trouble, ah…emotional eating and comfort food! We all know what that is and have all lived with some “food vice” of some kind or another.

Well once we turned the corner on our health a couple years ago, I’ve never touched another little package! OK, that’s not true…I have picked up a package so I could read the list of ingredients, good golly…why stuff like this can still be sold makes me a little nuts.

Anyways, my love affair with these little chocolate gems has a new spin and at least they’re made with real ingredients and whole food. Do we eat them everyday around here…absolutely not and actually they’re so rich, eating even more than two is plenty. Emotionally I don’t need them like I used to, that “issue” has changed for the better, but enjoying a nice little bite of a little mini chocolate donut certainly does take me back to some funny memories from high school!

I’ve taken them a step further and added a caramel drizzle and chopped pecans, oh my! Which is of course optional, but I think really takes them to a new taste bud explosion of flavor, but I also really, really like the combo of chocolate, caramel and pecans! Enjoy!!!

mini chocolate donuts

  • Servings: 12-15
  • Difficulty: easy
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the perfect little chocolately bite




  1. In a medium sized bowl, whisk together the cassava flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt – set aside.
  2. In a separate medium sized bowl, add softened butter & coconut sugar and mix until fluffy with an electric mixer.
  3. Add maple syrup, coconut milk, vanilla & egg to butter mixture and mix till well combined.
  4. Add flour mixture to liquid & mix until all ingredients are combined, batter will be thick which is perfect for filling your donut maker or tray.
  5. We use a plastic bag with the tip cut off to pipe our batter into our donut maker, you can also use a pastry bag…whichever method, fill with batter and prep your donut maker or donut pan and bake according to manufacturers instructions.
  6. Our Babycakes donut maker takes about 4½ minutes to cook ours up, baking in oven trays may take a bit longer.
  7. Remove cooked donuts to a cooling rack and let cool completely before dipping.
  8. While donuts are cooling, melt chocolate chips and coconut oil in a double broiler till warmed and smooth, spoon into a smaller bowl for dipping.
  9. Dip the top of the donut into the chocolate and return to cooling rack, repeat with remaining donuts.
  10. Add caramel drizzle and chopped pecans if making this variety, otherwise…let the chocolate set to harden. Store any uneaten donuts refrigerator.
  11. *for dairy free, use coconut oil instead

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