Side Dish

bubbly artichoke dip

Classic artichoke dip, that can be made dairy free. A super speedy holiday or party appetizer that can be made days in advance! So it's a time saver as well!


chocolate filled pie tart

A yummy valentine recipe that waited over a year to get posted!! Can't believe it got missed last year, but hopefully you'll all enjoy the video instruction on this...even with my post flu tired voice! It's like a large chocolate filled pie crust cookie, decorated with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and more chocolate!! Serve it… Continue reading chocolate filled pie tart


sweet rolls, Christmas morning Heaven

Sweet rolls have been a part of our Christmas morning for decades. We’re beyond thrilled to share this paleo version with everyone. For now, all I’m going to say about these is, this ones for my family and bringing back a tender Christmas tradition that has been absent for so many years! Here's your link,… Continue reading sweet rolls, Christmas morning Heaven