dinner “tin” rolls

As can be the case, the holidays get my mind thinking about how to make our Thanksgiving more traditional ever year. This year it turned to DINNER ROLLS!

With the new hamburger bun recipe from earlier this year came our sandwich bread. So I figured there must be some way to make a dinner roll out of that recipe since it’s really such a lovely bread. So guess what? They happened and after just a couple of tweaks and a quick ship from Amazon for the right liners, we now get to add dinner rolls to our Thanksgiving table.

And in the event that someone asks, pumpkin puree worked well as a sub for the mashed potatoes in the sandwich bread so I’d venture to say that it would also work here as well. If you happen to give it a try, please let us know.

TIP: You must bake in a muffin tin AND the tall liners are necessary. Otherwise you’ll have flat rolls as they won’t have enough structure to rise without them.

Now, in the interest of getting one more recipe finished today and dinner on the table, here are the simple instructions for these adorable rolls.

1 recipe of our Paleo Sandwich Bread
12 tulip liners
muffin tin
avocado oil to coat liners
egg wash (opt)
sesame seeds (opt)

  1. Preheat oven to 400°.
  2. Make sandwich bread recipe as directed.
  3. Scoop into 12 lined & avocado oil coated muffin tins, divided equally.
  4. brush tops gently with egg wash & then seeds if using.
  5. Let rise for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Place in oven, REDUCE OVEN TEMP. to 385°.
  7. Bake 18-22 minutes or until golden, brush with butter (or ghee) while warm (opt).


  1. Are thes good the next day? Can I make them ahead?

    • Hi there Kathy – these can be made ahead & actually freeze well. When you’re ready to enjoy, we like to let them come to room temp and then warm them up in the oven with a “warm” setting. Or you can also warm them in the microwave, however they can get hard fast that way. Enjoy & thanks for checking! ~Michelle

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