Sleeping safely!


Sleeping safely? You’re probably thinking, what…like make sure the doors are locked, did I turn off the oven, is the fireplace off/extinguished, wait…does the cat have food so she doesn’t attack us in our sleep from starvation.

Alright, in all seriousness, we all have our night time mental check list when we head to bed don’t we? It’s a step we take, either consciously or unconsciously, so we can lay our head down and feel relaxed and ready to sleep. Well, until late last year I hadn’t thought about one of the most important steps we should be taking, one that needs to be given lots of thought and preparation. Let me share our story…

First up, did you know that one third of your life is spent sleeping. According to Google (which provided MANY links for my thorough search), this means nearly 4 months out of the year we are in bed allowing our body the rest it needs to reset, recharge, slowwwwww down and have some “personal time,” if you will. I’m not going to go into all that happens when we sleep, but it’s so IMPORTANT! You can ask Google, it’s such a requirement!

Last Fall, our pillow top mattress was done! And by done, I mean if I was laying down in bed first and then my husband got in bed I would literally roll down hill into him. We were both being swallowed on a nightly bases. I found myself sleeping on the edge of the mattress just to avoid the sagging middle. Sounds super comfy and restful, right?! Hahaha, NOPE! So we did the most natural thing…waited for Black Friday for a great sale on a new mattress! We opted for the memory foam variety and found a killer (key word there) deal and even went with a King size since the price was so amazing. It arrived within days and we excitedly opened up the box. Queue the sad music as the “off gassing” from the polyurethane and several other chemicals loaded into this bad boy began.

After letting it expand and “air out for three days,” as suggested, the horrible “off gassing” smell was still there, but according to the manufacturer, it was “completely safe” so we tried it out. The smell kept me up all night. I woke up exhausted and now my skin even smelled like the mattress and I could even taste it in my mouth. How gross is that? We even had a fancy mattress cover we thought would block the smell…NOPE! The “off gassing” permeated everything. Our room even started to smell like the mattress…in all I lasted two nights sleeping on it and I was so done. How could this be safe and not harmful? It was immediately removed to our backyard, I didn’t want it inside our home at all and began the quest to find a safe sleeping alternative.

To be honest I hadn’t ever realized that nearly a third of our lives are spent sleeping, so now my quest was to find something non-toxic and safe to sleep on. It only took ONE Google search of “non toxic mattress” to find something that caught my eye ~ AVOCADO GREEN MATTRESS!


We are avocado junkies, love them…so obviously this caught my eye, plus they came up first. Now…I know, I know…companies pay for those prime spots when someone asks Google a question, but after reading through every section of their web site and nearly all of the reviews – we had nothing to lose and a safer and better night’s sleep to gain! Here are some of the high points we learned from our Google search which made us want to say “you had us at AVOCADO!”


• Handmade In California With Natural & Organic Materials
• 100 Night Trial
• Greenguard Gold Certified
• 25-year Warranty
• Non-Toxic And Natural
• 100% Natural Latex
• Free Shipping & Returns
• Rated #1 Mattress In 2018

Once I landed on their site and got to clicking around, they were supplying all the right feels. It was almost like they knew exactly what I was searching for:

•  NO POLY FOAMS (which means no off-gassing)
• NO MEMORY FOAMS (again, no off gassing)
• NO CHEMICAL FLAME RETARDANTS – Use natural silica and wool
• NO SYNTHETIC OR BLENDED LATEX – 100% natural latex made from rubber trees
• NO COTTON GROWN WITH PESTICIDES – Made with certified organic cotton
• NO MISLEADING CLAIMS – Their label: Natural Latex, Wool fiber & organic cotton
• GREENGUARD & GOLD CERTIFIED – Every mattress & pillow! More on this below!



Let’s talk affordable. For us, we didn’t have a bucket of money to plop down on a mattress. It was right after Christmas sooooo, we were in need of some financing. I filled out a quick application, and for us it was “Hello 0% APR for six months” through Affirm with a payment schedule that worked for us. Super easy and we even paid if off early with zero penalty!



Let’s also talk customer reviews and satisfactions! As of today they have 2,776 – 5 star reviews! Yep, I guess they could choose to not put up the lower rated reviews, but I’m guessing they don’t have many.

Back to GreenGuard & Gold Certified…it basically means:

“they’re scientifically tested for prolonged exposure in environmental chambers to meet rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and phthalates. Few mattresses and pillows qualify for this gold standard”

IMG-7103 (1)

We ended up with a King size, non pillow-top mattress and it’s the BEST decision we’ve ever made. We crawl into bed every night and couldn’t be happier about our Avocado Green Mattress. It’s comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and we enjoy the peace of mind that we’re supporting a company with sustainability and the environment in mind. Oh wait, I have failed to mention the 100 night trail! If you don’t love it after 100 days, give them a call and they’ll take care of it. It took us one night to decide we LOVED it…not even sure when our 100 days ended! We had no reason to keep track! If you want any questions answered, they have a live chat that I used several times before making a decision and adding the mattress to the shopping cart. They were always helpful and kind, which goes a long way today. Customer’s expect great service and these folks do it up right.


You’ll notice our not so subliminal WE LOVE OUR AVOCADO GREEN MATTRESS all throughout the article. We really do love it, which is why you’ll also notice there are a few banners/ads on our site with the Avocado Green Mattress on them. They’re there on purpose and are taking up some valuable real estate, but we are that passionate about how important it is to get something excellent to sleep on, something safe for you and the environment. This mattress pushes all those buttons for us.

We’ll provide a few pics and videos from when we opened it below. Have a look and then head on over to the Avocado Green Mattress site (through any of the banners or anywhere it say’s Avocado Green Mattress) and click around. We hope you find yourself waiting for the box to arrive like we did. Enjoy the amazing un-boxing that takes place and begin sleeping safer!

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