sea salted caramel frappuccino

paleo frappuccino

We are not coffee drinkers but have always been intrigued with the luscious caramel frappuccinos you often see at coffee shops. Most of them are very dairy heavy and also very sugary sweet. Since a paleo frappuccino is basically unheard of out in the wild, I definitely had an itch to make one a reality at home. Enter our lovely friends over at Sweet Apricity Caramels and the biggest hurdle was taken care of! I knew a paleo frappuccino was right around the corner.

Sweet Apricity crafts their goodies for those following the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol), Paleo, Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free diets. They offer the sense of joy that’s sorely needed when living with restriction.

Sweet Apricity caramels, caramel sauce and marshmallows are all dairy free! Since caramel sauce is probably the most key ingredient to enjoying above mentioned frappuccino, making a paleo friendly salted caramel frappuccino became a reality.

So brew up some Crio Bru or coffee if that’s your go-to. Make sure it’s double strength so that you get the richest tasting elixir to mix with the caramel. Guaranteed, this will be your afternoon pick me up all summer long. Grab a straw, whirl away and enjoy this luscious paleo frappuccino!

paleo frappuccino

Our favorite ingredients used in this recipe!

paleo sea salted caramel frappuccino

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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a paleo sea salted caramel frappuccino you’ll be craving all summer long



  • 1½ cups double strength* Crio Bru
  • ½ cup almond milk (or non dairy milk of choice)
  • 2-3 tblsp Sweet Apricity Sea Salted Caramel Sauce
  • pinch of Redmond Real Salt
  • 2 cups of ice
  • additional caramel sauce for drizzle
  • Toppings of choice: your favorite non dairy whipped cream, shaved chocolate, toasted coconut


  1. Place crio bru, almond milk, CARAMEL SAUCE, salt & ice in a high powered blender & blend until everything is combined well & ice is to your liking.
  2. Pour into two containers (makes about 4 cups total) and top with your favorite whipped cream, additional caramel & toppings.
  3. Enjoy immediately, and repeat DAILY!
  4. *to make double strength – brew with ½ the amount of water you normally would, same amount of crio bru!

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paleo frappuccino


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