POG popsicles

P.O.G. popsicles

POG popsicles

How cute are these POG popsicles?! P.O.G. is indeed an acronym for passion fruit, orange and guava. It’s found all over the Hawaiian islands and we can’t ever get enough when we visit. We recently noticed that you can now purchase it stateside at most grocery stores, what a treat! We are completely infatuated with island life and have added several “tropical/island” recipes to the blog over the years.

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When sipping on this tasty elixir from a glass we enjoy cutting it with some sparkling water and pouring it over ice. It whisks us away to the island for a moment which is always delightful. The combination of these juices is so refreshing and a bit less rich. Guava juice on it’s own can be quite thick on the palatte and passion fruit juice can be quite tart. Combining the flavors together is spectacular!

Can’t find the pre-boxed POG juice where you’re at? You can always make your own as we’ve included the ratios below. There are a few very clean brands of all of the juices you need to stir up a batch.

While these POG popsicles are not hard to make, we certainly wanted to give it a permanent home on the blog here. Because our love of the islands runs deep! We were thrilled to find some frozen passion fruit at our local Sprouts, what fun! If you can’t find that you could easily add some raspberries instead or some other smaller pieces of fruit. Maybe diced mango or diced kiwi? Experiment and see what your palette prefers.

We have really enjoyed this popsicle mold we purchased a couple of years ago. It has a very traditional shape and the popsicles release from the mold pretty easily. There are many to choose from and if you want a unique shape, they are certainly out there to try.

Hope you make these often and can feel some island breezes whipping past your cheeks. Betting if you shut your eyes and let the sun warm your cheeks while enjoying one you’ll be transported!

P.O.G.sicle popsicles

Recipe by MichelleCourse: Dessert, frozen treatsCuisine: American, HawaiianDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


freeze time



POG popsicles – so refreshing & have zero added sugar!


  • 6 oz frozen passion fruit (or fruit of choice)

  • 2 ½ cups POG juice (store bought or homemade*)

  • Fresh passion fruit pulp (opt)


  • Easy peasy treat here! Cut frozen passion fruit into bite sized pieces and place about 4 to 5 in each cavity.
  • Pour approximately ¼ cup of POG juice into each cavity, then follow manufacturer’s directions for placing wooden sticks in the cavity.
  • Freeze til completely set, preferably overnight. When ready to enjoy, remove from popsicle mold and drizzle fresh passion fruit pulp onto popsicle and enjoy!
  • *to make your own POG juice, combine ¾ cup passion fruit juice, ¾ cup guava juice and ½ cup orange juice in a pitcher and stir combine.

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