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cassava flour 101

I’ve used OTTO’S CASSAVA FLOUR for over seven years in the kitchen. So, I thought it’d be fun to post a simple “cassava flour 101” here on the blog! I kind of know my way around the bag and have only recently started using a kitchen scale. So, using a measuring cup has been my normal. For the BEST success in making our recipes with cassava flour (or most flours actually) you must NOT scoop that flour out of the bag. You will be adding far more flour than you need in that recipe!

FLUFF UP THE FLOUR & SPOON IT into the measuring cup!

I did a little kitchen measuring experiment, which is a fun cassava flour 101, and here are my results:

  • 1 cup of SCOOPED flour = 180 grams
  • 1 cup of FLUFFED & SPOONED flour = 148 grams
  • difference in flour = 32 grams (nearly 3 tbsp) of flour the recipe didn’t call for, which will result in a dry or crumbly result.

Team FLUFF & SPOON over here! If a recipe calls for weighing your flour and provides that information, you should have great success. So a kitchen scale could be in your future!

When we were creating our book, the publisher asked us to provide both measurements. So if you have a copy of our COOKBOOK, you’ll see that there are both options. I have started trying to use a scale more. So, moving forward there may be more of that on the recipes shared here. Time will tell, as it’s hard to break old habits isn’t it!

Here is the accompanying video (Reel if you’re on Instagram) demonstrating how to measure for success. This is of course our method, so if you’ve found one that works best for you, do it. However, for recipes you find here, please FLUFF & SPOON that cassava flour!

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