Tag: paleo treats

maca crunch cookies

When sweet and salty come together with the likes cassava strips, pili nuts and super food maca all in a tasty paleo cookie…gluten & grain free goodness!


sweet plantain crunch

A sweet plantain crunch that is going to be your new go to paleo granola option for all your topping and snacking needs. Only the best plantains make this perfect, Artisan Tropic plantain strips are a guaranteed winner!


paleo cassava flour biscuits

Can’t tell you how excited we are to share this recipe!!! Based off of the happy comments we saw on our dinner of biscuits and gravy the other night over on Instagram, this is a highly anticipated recipe. We hope you love it as much as we do! Here’s the […]


maple pecan thumb printĀ cookies

Maple sugarā€¦.since it hasn’t always been readily available it took me a while to jump on this ā€œnon-refinedā€ sugar train with all my Paleo baking. I always subbed in coconut sugar if a recipe called for maple sugar. BUT, last year when I started working on the cake for Makennaā€™s […]


chocolate chipotle snaps

A Paleo chocolate cookie with a little kick! CHOCOLATE CHIPOTLE SNAPS – made with Otto’s cassava flour, so they’re natrually nut free! Take your taste buds on a new adventure!


chocolate filled pieĀ tart

A yummy valentine recipe that waited over a year to get posted!! Can’t believe it got missed last year, but hopefully you’ll all enjoy the video instruction on this…even with my post flu tired voice! It’s like a large chocolate filled pie crust cookie, decorated with strawberries, vanilla ice cream […]


German chocolate cake

Paleo German chocolate cakeā€¦and since it’s #nationalchocolatecake day, what better time to finally share this recipe!! I made it last year for my birthday and frankly ate the entire cake (over the period of several days…don’t judge) since no one else really likes it here at our home. I know, […]


pili nut tostones

Raise your hands all youĀ Pili NutsĀ fans. If you’re not yet acquainted with the newest nut to hit the “real food” scene…get ready to be blown away and have your taste buds tickled. They are like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Promise, click on over here!