paleo sandwich bread

Given the newest arrival of grandbaby #5 last week, this quick post about our paleo hamburger bun recipe being baked as a loaf of bread certainly got pushed off. Our apologies, but newborn snuggles took a priority. We know you all understand, real life happens and so recipes wait. Be sure to enjoy a few slices toasted, truly so delicious!

Here are a few details:

  • Pan size makes a difference on this loaf. I used this pan which measures 7.75 x 3.75 x 2.75″ – little bit smaller than your standard loaf pan, but gave the best results. If you use a standard pan, your loaf will be a bit shorter.
  • Don’t let the bread rise above the rim of the pan, it will not have the structure to maintain that as it bakes and you’ll get a lip over the edge instead.
  • The MAIN difference is this variation calls for 1 additional egg which I found makes a nice difference. The egg wash on top isn’t required obviously, but does make for a nice shine.
  • If you’re going to freeze the loaf, definitely slice beforehand so you can take out a few slices as needed to thaw and enjoy.
  • IF USING PUMPKIN, approx. 2-4 tablespoons additional cassava flour may be necessary. You can also add a tsp or so of pumpkin pie spice blend to dough, filling or glaze. If you try subbing with sweet potato, the same may adjustments may be necessary.

paleo sandwich bread

  • Difficulty: easy
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paleo cassava flour sandwich bread



  • ¼ cup warm water (110°)
  • 1 tblsp honey
  • 2 tsps quick rise yeast
  • ⅓ cup grass fed butter, softened (or ghee)
  • 4 lg. eggs, room temperature
  • ½ cup mashed potatoes, room temp & preferably day old** – can sub pumpkin puree
  • 1½ tsps Redmond Real Salt
  • ½ cup additional water (110°)
  • 1¾ cup Otto’s Naturals Cassava Flour
  • 1 egg, whisked in a small cup for egg wash


  1. Preheat oven to 400° – coat loaf pan with coconut oil and line with parchment paper with enough to extend above the rim on both long sides (see photo below), set aside.
  2. Combine ¼ cup warm water, honey and yeast. Whisk well and allow yeast to bloom. This can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Make sure it’s VERY happy and bloomed.
  3. While yeast blooms, in a medium sized bowl, add butter, eggs, mashed potatoes and salt. Using a hand mixer, beat until well combined.
  4. Add cassava flour to a large bowl. Once yeast is fully bloomed pour that into the flour, along with the butter/egg mixture and the additional ½ cup warm water. Beat on slow speed til combined then beat on medium high speed for about a minute to fully combine. Let it set for 5 minutes. You should have approximately 3 cups of dough/batter.
  5. Scoop batter into prepared loaf pan, creating a slight dome down the middle with a small spatula. Brush with egg wash if using.
  6. Cover with a kitchen towel, place in a warm area of your kitchen and let rise for 20-25 minutes or until batter reaches the top rim of the pan. Don’t let it rise above the rim as there won’t be enough structure to support it as it bakes.
  7. Place in oven to and REDUCE OVEN TEMP TO 385° – bake for 50-55 minutes or until top is golden brown and toothpick inserted comes out clean. Remove from oven. Allow to cool for 4-5 mintues and then remove to a wire rack to finish cooling
  8. Best served the day of, but can be sliced and stored in the fridge and enjoyed the next day.

    **mashed potatoes – simple leftover kind, made with ghee or grass fed butter, salt and a little full fat coconut cream! Also, red or Yukon gold taters make for the best dough!


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  2. Do you have to use butter? Can you replace it w Mykonos vegan butter?

    • Hi Penny – I’ve not used the Mykonos brand, so I’m not sure how it would work in this recipe. I do know that ghee is a good sub if you don’t want to use the grass fed butter. ~Michelle

  3. Loved!!!! Thank you! Might try to swirl some cinnamon sugar in there:-)

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  5. Would sweet potatoes work in place of the potato or pumpkin?

    • Hi Angelique ~ haven’t tried that sub, but I’m assuming it could possibly work. You’d just need to make sure the consistency of the sweet potato purée is similar to a pumpkin purée. So adding a bit of water to thin it out might be necessary. Maybe even try a half batch, baked up in a mini loaf pan so you’re not risking as many ingredients. ~Michelle

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  7. Holly Sanders

    Wow! My first try at making gluten free bread from scratch, and it is amazing! The texture and taste are spot on, and my teens love it. Plus, I am not a strong baker, but the directions are clear and the results are delicious! Thank you!

    • Oh Holly – we’re so very happy you enjoyed this recipe & appreciate you taking the time to come back and leave such a nice comment! Well done & hope you enjoy many more recipes we have here! ~Michelle ☺️

  8. The mashed potatoes – is it just potatoes or is there dairy in there?

    • Hi there Janice – the leftover mashed potatoes we use are the kind we would enjoy/serve with a meal. At the end of the recipe we have a note about what we use in ours. Hope that helps! Enjoy…Michelle

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  10. My grand kids can’t have this many eggs. Have you tried using an egg replaced or flax egg for maybe 2 of the eggs?

    • Hi Debe – I’ve not tried those subs with this recipe, sorry about that. You could always try a half batch and bake them in muffin tins (similar to our dinner tin rolls) to see how you like the results. Then you’re not risking as many ingredients and you’ll have an idea how it might work out. Hope that helps! ~Michelle

  11. Kimberly Gantz

    Do you think this recipe would work in a bread machine o the GF setting?

    • Hi Kimberly – we don’t have a breach machine so we can’t really say for certain how it might turn out. Sorry about that, if you do give is a go, please let us know how it turns out. ~Michelle

  12. Thanks to leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving, I finally tried this recipe. It is delicious—my favorite GF bread recipe ever!

    • Hi there Sharon – yay! So happy you enjoyed this recipe! I appreciate you taking the time to come back and leave such a lovely review! Happy Holidays!! ~Michelle

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