paleo French toast dippers

paleo caramel French toast dippers

paleo French toast dippers

Paleo CARAMEL FRENCH TOAST DIPPERS! What’s not to love about that combo? Soft fluffy bread sticks, coated in a caramely egg mixture. Then cooked til golden brown, perfectly ready to dip away in a warmed caramel maple syrup! YUM!

paleo French toast dippers

These dippers are made using our PALEO SANDWICH BREAD, of course! It bakes up so lofty and is ready to slice into thick, delicious slices. The “dip” is warm maple syrup with a hit of Sweet Apricity Caramel Sauce. Then a splash of ghee makes for a truly delightful new way to enjoy dipping! Extra layers of flavor in every dippable bite.

Us our PALEO SANDWICH BREAD to make our CINNAMON SWIRL FRENCH TOAST BAKE. As well as the most delicious CINNAMON SWIRL BREAD. Which by the way, would be fabulous to make these FRENCH TOAST DIPPERS! Brilliant plan actually!

We use our favorite SWEET APRICITY Sea Salted Caramel sauce. It’s made with organic honey, organic coconut cream, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil and salt. Perfectly delectable to drizzle over ice cream, top our TURTLE BREAD PUDDING or even top off our favorite CARAMEL FRAPPUCCINO!

We’ve been a part of the Sweet Apricity family for over two years. We are thrilled to partner with such an amazing brand and fellow humans. The Sweet Apricity team do their best to make a difference one taste bite of caramel, marshmallows and lily puffs at a time! Be sure to click over and check out all they have to offer this community. You can use our discount code: BACKPORCHPALEO to get 15% off!

caramel French toast dippers

Recipe by MichelleCourse: Breakfast, Brinner, BrunchDifficulty: Easy


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Finger food perfect for Breakfast, Brunch of Brinner!!


  • 1 loaf of our Paleo sandwich bread (see link above)

  • 3 large eggs, room temp.

  • ½ cup almond milk, or milk of choice

  • 2 tbsp Sweet Apricity Salted Caramel sauce

  • ¼ tsp cinnamon

  • pinch of fine sea salt

  • organic powdered sugar (optional)

  • maple caramel syrup
  • ½ cup maple syrup

  • 2 tbsp Sweet Apricity Salted Caramel sauce

  • 2 tbsp ghee (or grass fed butter)


  • Cut the loaf of bread into 1” slices, then cut each slice into 1” sections, set aside.
  • Add eggs, milk, caramel sauce, cinnamon and salt to a shallow plate or bowl. Whisk to fully combine.
  • Heat up your skillet to medium high and one by one, take each bread section and dip into egg mixture to fully coat, then place in the skillet. Cook, turning as needed to get all four sides browned. Repeat with all sections.
  • While dippers are cooking, make syrup by adding maple syrup, caramel sauce and ghee to a small pan or medium low heat. Warm up til caramel and ghee are fully melted, stirring to combine. Pour into a serving container.
  • Serve warm dippers with a a sprinkle of powdered sugar (if desired) and warm caramel syrup.

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